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Ac Condenser Fan

Ac Condenser Fan
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Product Details

Basic information for ac condenser fan

Part no


Used for

Kinglong bus


2.8 KGS


1 pc in a box, six pcs in a carton


Made in china

Product Introduction

In order to make the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor fast, cool, and liquefy. Generally, a cooling fan is added in front of or behind the condenser.

The condenser fan is mainly used for heat dissipation. In short, during the operation of the air conditioning system, the refrigerant is a low-pressure-high-pressure flow process, and the temperature in the flow is also changed from low temperature to high temperature to low temperature. When passing through the condenser, a large amount of heat is dissipated, and the condenser fan must be rotated at a high speed to dissipate heat.

Pruducts Applications

Our products apply to buses, trucks,engineering vans and refrigerated vehicles, and our products are universal.They are suitable for many different buses such as yutong,higer,zhongtong bus and so on.

Features of the ac condenser fan

*Cooling fan packs great performance into a minimum space

*Low noise levels and a long life of smooth operation,environment-friendly

*Longer life,superior performance 

*easy placement

*Universal application to fit all makes and models, cars and trucks

*High quality plastic and very slight

*Different size fit your need

Our Advantages:

1. Factory direct,Original quality and lower price.

2. Most of the items in stocks,we can send the items to you in a short time.

3. Sincere service,if any problem after you recieved the goods,please contact us freely,the best solution will be offered.