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Air Condition System Evaporator Fan for Kinglong Bus

Product Details

Part no


Used for

Kinglong bus


2.5 kgs


One pc in a box


Made in china

Product Feature

After leaving the effect body, the This fan evaporato is pumped through the external pipe of the effect body through the external pipe, and then repeatedly passed through the effect body. The effect is to achieve the desired concentration. During the flow from top to bottom, it flows in a film shape due to the increase of the area inside the tube to increase the heating area.

Product Description

This fan evaporato is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving evaporation equipment mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, it uses low-temperature and low-pressure steaming technology and clean energy to generate steam for energy, and separates the water in the medium. Equipped with international advanced evaporation technology, it has longer service life for use. Compared with ordinary product on the market, our fan evaporato is different from the ordinary single-effect falling film or multi-effect falling film evaporator, and it combines multi-effect falling film evaporators, and adopts segmental evaporation according to the required product concentration.