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Rear Window Wiper Motor

Rear Window Wiper Motor
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Product Details

Basic Information

Item NameRear Window Wiper Motor


ZD2732 AMP





Part no.

37 KA7-28511-AMP


3.5 kgs

Product Description

*The wiper motor is the actuator motor of the wiper on the windshield of the car, and the control signal of the motor is sent by the wiper controller on the steering wheel. The wiper motive is the heart of the entire wiper system.

*Working principle:It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, and the wiper motor mounted on the front windshield is generally integrated with the mechanical part of the worm gear. The function of the worm gear mechanism is to reduce the speed and increase the twist. The output shaft drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the continuous rotary motion is changed into the left and right swing motion by the four-bar linkage mechanism.

The wiper motor converts the rotating motion of the motor into a reciprocating motion of the wiper arm through a connecting bar mechanism. 

Features of the rear window wiper motor:

1. Swing output;

2. Compact, series design;

3. Convenient installation, small space occupation;

4. Multi functional selectivity combination (Reset, with switch, single or double speed)

Product Application:

1. Construction machinery cab.

2. Motorcycle windshield.

3. Agricultural vehicles.

4. Rear window of all kinds of vehicle.

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