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12v Air Compressor

12v Air Compressor

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24 KGS



Product Introduction

The 12v air compressor is the heart of the automobile air conditioning system, which can transform the automobile refrigerant from a gaseous state to a liquid state, thereby achieving the purpose of heat dissipation and condensation of the refrigerant.

12V Air compressor function in the engine:

1. Compressed air can push the brake cylinder and clutch the sub-pump to control the brake of the car.

2. The compressed air can drip the water spray function of the water brake, thereby achieving the cooling of the brake drum, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents in which the brakes are burnt out due to the sudden and severe braking of the automobile during the daily driving to avoid the brake failure.

3. In the automotive air conditioning system, the air compressor is also the pressure source for the medium operation in the pipeline. Without it, the air conditioning system not only does not cool but also loses the basic power of operation.

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