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Diesel Engine Oil Cooler

Diesel Engine Oil Cooler

Product Details

Diesel Engine Oil Cooler

Cummins Part no


Engine model

L 325 20


Made in china


1 pc in a box

Product Introduction

The function of the oil cooler is to cool the oil and keep the oil temperature within the normal working range. On high-powered intensive engines, oil coolers must be installed due to the high thermal load. When the engine is running, the viscosity of the oil is reduced as the temperature increases, which reduces the lubricating ability. Therefore, some engines are equipped with an oil cooler, which serves to lower the oil temperature and maintain a certain viscosity of the lubricant.

Advantages of the diesel engine oil cooler

1) The oil after cooling is thicker than the high temperature oil.

2) It can reduce the working temperature of parts and help to improve the service life of parts.

3) Improve transmission efficiency

4) Increasing the service life and sealing properties of rubber seals

Product Characterstics

1.Adopting Cummins updated product design, optimized materials selection, advanced manufacturing process and production technology, All are in the line with the Cummins global standars.

2.By long time testing, the parts have been proved to be the excellent in longer duration, higher quality, more reliable performance and lower maintenance cost.

3.The parts are manufactured by excellent suppliers.

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