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Fuel Filter Water Separator

Fuel Filter Water Separator
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Made in china


12 pcs in a carton


 2 kgs

Product Introduction

The fuel filter water separator is a device that blocks particulate matter, water and impurities in the fuel and protects the precision parts of the fuel system from wear and other damage. It is connected in series between the fuel pump and the inlet of the throttle body. Its role is to reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation and improve reliability.

Features of the fuel filter water separator

1. Made of high quality material

2. Used to prevent against leakage

3. All parts are under rigid quality

4.Real time water level sensing in the bottom of a fuel filter water separator

5.Easily serviced metal spin on fuel filter

6.Patented technology allows water level sensing for gasoline and diesel fuel engines

7.Corrosion resistant construction

Why does the car need a Fuel Filter Water Separator?

Fuel is not pure, not only has solid particles, but also some moisture. There are three sources of this moisture:

1. In the production and transportation of fuel, some of the water brought by the production and transportation machine will be integrated into the fuel, resulting in partial moisture in the fuel;

2. During storage, the mailbox will cause moisture condensation due to changes in day and night temperature. Under normal circumstances, up to 7.5g of water per 100L will be condensed into the fuel;

3, through the mailbox ventilation system, resulting in a part of the water vapor into the fuel, so basically, the general ventilation system should not be placed in the cab or the bottom of the car, at the same time, the entrance to the ventilation system should have a protective cover to prevent water from entering

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Zhengzhou Zhize Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2005, located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, near to the Yutong bus company . now we have more than 20 professional staffs and 2000 square meters for warehouse . 

Our products have exported to Africa, Middle east, South east Asia, Latin America and have won a good reputation in customers’ market. Sincerely hope to cooperate with you and achieve mutual benefit .