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Original Aluminum Engine Performance Intercooler Radiator for Yutong Bus

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Product Feature

The performance intercoolers are equipped with advanced process, which has longer service life for use.  And its role is to improve the ventilation efficiency of the turbocharged engine. If the intercooler is lacking and the pressurized high-temperature air directly enters the engine, the engine may be knocked or even damaged due to excessive air temperature.

Product Description

The performance intercoolers are generally only visible in cars with a supercharger installed. As a turbocharged accessory, its function is to reduce the temperature of the pressurized high temperature air, to reduce the thermal load of the engine, with low intake air amount, and thus increase the power of the engine. For supercharged engines, the performance intercooler is an important component of the booster system. Whether it is a supercharged engine or a turbocharged engine, it can be installed between the supercharger and the intake manifold. The turbocharger engine is taken as an example to briefly introduce the intercooler. As a matter of fact, when the air enters the turbocharger, its temperature will rise sharply and the density will decrease accordingly. 


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