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Hydraulic Filter

Jul 24, 2017

The quality of the hydraulic oil has a great impact on the performance of the hydraulic system. Many of the root causes of the failure are due to it, to prevent oil contamination. Install the hydraulic oil filter in the appropriate place, which can cut off the contaminants in the oil and keep the oil clean , To ensure that the oil system to work properly.

Hydraulic oil filter according to the filter material can be divided into surface type, depth type and magnetic filter. Their ability to filter solid contaminants is accomplished by direct blocking and adsorption.

The main role of hydraulic oil filter is to filter the hydraulic fluid, hydraulic systems inevitably appear in a variety of impurities. The main sources are: mechanical impurities that remain in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as water rust, cast sand, welding slag, iron filings, paint, paint and cotton, etc., external into the hydraulic system impurities, such as the fuel port and Dust and other dust into the dust; the process of producing impurities, such as seals formed by the role of hydraulic debris, the movement of the relative wear of metal powder, oil due to oxidative deterioration of the glial, asphaltene, charcoal, etc. The The above-mentioned impurities mixed with hydraulic oil, with the hydraulic oil circulation will be everywhere to damage, seriously affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system, such as the hydraulic components of the relative movement between the components of the small gap (in dollars) and throttling Holes and cracks stuck or blocked; damage between the moving parts of the oil film, scratch the gap surface, increase the internal leakage, reduce efficiency, increase heat, exacerbate the chemical effect of oil, so that oil deterioration. According to production statistics, more than 75% of the faults in the hydraulic system are caused by the incorporation of impurities into the hydraulic oil, thus maintaining the cleaning of the oil and preventing the contamination of the oil, which is important for the hydraulic system.