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Power Steering Gear

Power Steering Gear
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Product Details

Basic information

Bus model


Part number



35 KGS


1 pc in a carton


Made in China

Product Introduction

Power Steering Gear is the power source of hydraulic power steering system. It uses the engine as the transmission medium to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The steering oil converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through the hydraulic oil output from the oil pump, thus reducing the driver's operating intensity. Improve the maneuverability of the vehicle.

Product Features

*100% computerized hydraulic testing is performed for proper flow, leakage and performance to ensure perfect fit and function

*All critical components are triple tested to ensure product reliability

*All units are built with 100% new seals and o-rings

*Sector shafts and pistons are 100% processed to ensure surface finish is within O.E. tolerances

Working Principle of the Steering Gear

After the driving wheel drives the rotor to rotate, the blade expands under the action of centrifugal force, and forms a working cavity together with the stator, the rotor and the oil distribution plate. When the rotor and the blade rotate from the small circular arc area of the inner surface of the stator to the large circular arc area The volume between the two blades increases, the pressure decreases, and the oil is sucked through the oil suction port of the oil distribution plate; when the large arc area is turned to the small arc area, the volume between the two blades is reduced, and the pressure is increased. The drain port of the pressure plate drains oil, and the discharged high-pressure oil enters the steering gear through the steering oil pipe to provide steering assist.